The Traveler

a.k.a Fharlanghn

Deity known as The Traveler is Neutral Good, favored weapon is the quarterstaff, symbol of the deity is a shooting star on a black background, and divine focus …..

Fharlanghn wanders the roads of Tellene in person. He is always willing to stop and chat, but not at great length; the road calls to him, and he must continue wandering on. He has the ability to travel to any of the Planes, but seldom does so. He insists that everyone travel in order to discover and learn new things. He urges people to look to the horizon for inspiration and he is considered to be the same as The Traveler.

Fharlanghn is rumored to be the lover of Atroa, goddess of the east wind and said to be of blood and brother to Celestian.

Those that believe to have met him describe him as an elderly man, with wrinkled and weathered skin, and his eyes sparkles green with life. He carries the Oerth Disc, a version of his holy symbol.

As one travels through the world, one commonly sees shrines to Fharlanghn along even the most remote lanes and byways. As the god of travel and roads, it is just as important to thank Fharlanghn for dirt paths as it is to pay homage to the great high roads and caravan trails. Every avenue is a gift from the Dweller on the Horizon.

But Fharlanghn is also the god of distance, and not all of his gifts are found easily. In fact, his favorite spots remain unmarked on any map, and only those who wander the wild places of the world can find them. For the faithful, the Brothers of Fharlanghn, he has left some markers to point the way, but they are not seen easily and the trip is not for the faint of heart.

If you look very carefully and stay on the road ahead, you may eventually find yourself in Fharlanghn’s Garden. But beware — every trip has a price.

The Traveler

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