The Riftmaster

a.k.a Aureon

Deity known as The Riftmaster is Neutral, favored weapons are the dagger and quarterstaff, symbol of the deity is of a platinum key, and divine focus is a colored key according to church rank.

Aureon is the sovereign of magic and lore, the patron god of wizards and revered by scholars and librarians alike. Magic is said to be his tool for mortals to use as they acquire knowledge to enlightenment. Although all members of the faith are considered equal it is typically written that the Host follows Aureon’s direct guidance due to his vast wisdom.

Aureon is believed to be the husband of Boldrei, and is often portrayed as a human wizard and sometimes as a halfling or gnome. It is whispered that Aureon bound all the evil in his soul and banished it from his personage. This monster became known as the Shadow. It is said that the world will come to an end when he and his shadow rejoin..

The Riftmaster

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