The Eternal Lantern

a.k.a. Pelor

Deity known as The Eternal Lantern is Lawful Good, favored weapon is the mace, symbol of the deity is a half of a sun shining over the horizon, and divine focus is a shiny emblem bearing a half sun.

Pelor is the sun god of the people, and one of the most popular deities of healers. Pelor’s worship was adopted by the peoples of Tellene in their migrations across the great land bridge, and he is considered to be the same as The Eternal Lantern. Although some of the people today have reverted to the use of the sun god’s name, Pelor is still referred to as The Eternal Lantern by most in the world.

A number of Pelor’s servants have went on to acheive divinity or near-divinity. Best known are Mayaheine, demigoddess of protection, justice, and valor; Johydee, Oeridian hero-goddess of deception, espionage, and protection; and Saint Bane the Scourger, patron saint of those who hunt undead.

The Eternal Lantern

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