The Emperor of Scorn

a.k.a. Gruumsh

Deity known as The Emperor of Scorn and sometimes called the Hatemonger is Neutral Evil, favored weapon is the club, symbol of the deity is a golden sceptre on a dark blue background, and divine focus is a small golden scepter.

Gruumsh is thought to be an orc god of destruction who unleashes his savage multitudes against outposts of civilization, but in truth he is a hatemonger like his title. He is worshiped by all types of humaniods and goblinoids alike but others are starting to dominate in the faith even some of the other savage humanoids.

Brandobians are his fervent followers, as they bear a particular hatred for elves because of history, this is fitting as the Hatmonger louves elves because of Corellon an eldren who cut out one of his eyes in battle.

The One-Eyed God gives simple orders to his followers:

• Gather and breed your kind and your numbers shall flourish.

• Rise up in many as a single pure race and seize that which is rightfully yours.

• Slaughter those before they pillage you, and let no one stop the righteous.

The Emperor of Scorn

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