Holy Mother

a.k.a. Boldrei

Deity known as the Holy Mother is Lawful Good, favored weapon is the light hammer, symbol of the deity is of a house circled by a ring, and divine focus is two linked metal rings.

Boldrei is the goddess of hearth and home, standing watch over the individual homes, as well as the community at large. When the savage wild presses against the safety of community Boldrei is there to protect it and she is considered to be the same as the Holy Mother.

Many believe that Boldrei is wife to Aureon also known as The Riftmaster, and that they were the first family among the gods. Those that worship her find it rude to call you’re by her name, as it would if you called your parent by their proper name and so all that worship her call her the Holy Mother. Typically a common woman with family would worship this goddess since most of their daily life revolves around the home and the teaching of general knowledge among the young.

The Holy Mother has many celebrations of community, which feature great feasting and extravagant parties. It is also a day for secular elections. The most important teachings within the faith are, – value your community and family above yourself. Ensure that if you fall, they survive; – make your home your haven. Weighty and stressful affairs belong elsewhere, and violence in the home is unconscionable, – help other members of your community with no thought of recompense. Rewards come when they are needed.

Holy Mother

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