Brothers of Industry


The Brotherhood of Industry believes in the simple joys of life, home, work and family. Followers understand that anyone who works hard and plans for the future will have a long and happy life. The Brotherhood has a large following among honest and hardworking people who hold to the concept that good labor is its own reward. By setting examples of industriousness, they act as powerful motivators and can increase the morale of the populace with an inspiring sermon.

The clerics of The Holy Mother are matchmakers who often host dances or other romantic gatherings. Additionally, the Brotherhood settles household disputes for their congregants. Clerics are required to help the poor of their society and, if necessary, will raise orphaned children as their own. Clerics must always show hospitality to others and all worshippers are encouraged to extend such benevolence. These habits make the Brotherhood of Industry and their followers popular among commoners.

Since clerics of the Homemaker have close family ties, they usually do not like to travel far away from home unless absolutely necessary. They will go to great lengths to protect their homeland, and are not afraid to raise a hammer in arms against forces that threaten their flock, their homes or their lands. These clerics tend to use guarding, charm, creation and protection type spells.

Adventures: The Brotherhood of Industry’s adventures serve the common folk. They hunt down predators that would rob the rancher of his livestock, endanger the farmer in his field, and threaten the poor in their hovels. If the Servants of the Swift Sword epitomize chivalric ideals, the Brotherhood of Industry are the heroes of the common folk.

Characteristics: Brothers of Industry work long and hard for the faith and for the community with little thought of reward.

Background: Brothers of Industry, because of the faith’s ties to family and community, are often born into the faith. Following in the footsteps of one or both parents, the Brother of Industry is expected to serve as well. Others follow this faith initially as an effort to join a community into which they have recently moved, and then find that they are unwilling to leave.

Races: Dwarves and halflings, with their emphasis on family and clan, rise through the ranks of the Brotherhood readily. Elves and half-human races are rare within the Brotherhood of Industry. While gnomes are fond of family and community, they favor hard play over hard work.

Relations With Other Classes: A Brother of Industry tends to respect members of any class who demonstrate that they are willing to follow through with a commitment, preferably one that helps others. Rogues, bards, gladiators, infiltrators and sorcerers—all those who tend to be loners – are viewed with distrust.

Relations With Undead: Clerics must destroy undead, and those that associate with them, at all costs. Animating, creating, or otherwise associating with undead may bring excommunication from the church. The faith allows for little flexibility with this rule.

Role: The Brothers of Industry consider themselves a unifying force within any community. They endorse virtually any activity that brings people together, ranging from dances and festivities to militia training and large-scale civil engineering projects. Since their clerical training includes leadership and administration, they make excellent leaders.

Brothers of Industry

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