Book of Endless Night

Traditionally written in silver ink on black pages, the Book of Endless Night is a relatively lightweight book that celebrates the deepest time of night. Superficially a beautiful work of art, this canon describes various sacrifices, dire chants and appeals to devils.

Book of Endless Night is divided into three sections, each written by a different saint of the faith. The first, Daylight, explains the workings of opposed faiths, especially the Assembly of Light. It describes a host of reasons for avoiding daylight, citing mind-subduing rays from the sun, the inability to hide from your enemies and the excessive heat of the summer. The second chapter, Twilight, explains that the times of dusk and dawn are better than day, but not as good as night (their biggest advantage being the lack of moons and minimal sun). Twilight is the shortest section, at only a few pages in length. Night, the final chapter, comprises two-thirds of the book and contains the evil passages celebrating the Blacksoul and prophesying his ascension to the earth when the faith extinguishes all light on the surface.

The faith’s clerics may not use the spell continual flame. Worshippers must not use torches, candles of lamps during the night of an eclipse. If necessary, they may use special covered lanterns that emit an eerie red light. The faith prohibits the killing of a raven or a bat. Killing a raven brings a fine of a goat, a lamb or a sheep; killing a bat costs either a large farm animal (such as a cow or an ox) or an equal amount in grain.

The Book of Endless Night is not hard to find in most nations, but since possession of it might be illegal, the cost is relatively high. It can be found for 80 gp.

Book of Endless Night

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