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Review of Kingdom of Kalamar

The Kingdoms of Kalamar is a campaign setting that harkens back to the days of AD&D. Kingdoms of Kalamar is also very much attuned to the 3.5 D&D (d20) system.

There will be a lot of good information and ideas in virtually every post. I find this campaign world would be a good low to mid-fantasy setting, and a great deal of fun to adventure in as a player or run as a DM.

About This Information

This information is for “Lord Caladin’s Court” and is intended for the use of players interested in playing in the world and regions of Tellene, and exclusively set for our play group. The information provided, is based on the characters, its not intended to fill in for, or owning the full versions of any one book or site. This site is always changing and being up-dated as the game advances

Much of what is posted on this site is from Kingdoms of Kalamar with a mix of standard material from Wizards of the Coast 3.5 d20 & Forgotten Realms. As DM I also found a lot of useful material that will be part of the site from Legends & Lairs and Sword & Sorcery source books.

Main Source Notes:

Wizard of the Coast
D&D, 3.5 Player’s Handbook
D&D, 3.5 Dungeon Master Guide
D&D, 3.5 Monster manual

Kenzar & Company
KoK, Player’s Guide
_ To The Sovereign Lands_
KoK, Player’s Primer
KoK, Atlas
KoK Adventure, Root of All Evil
KoK Adventure, Perils of Pekal
Goods And Gear:
_ The Ultimate Adventure’s Guide_

Legends & Lairs
Forgotten Realms

Disclaimer:My use of this content is not meant in any way to harm or infringe upon any one copyright, and if there is any problem with my repeating it here for the purposes of illustrating this material and 3.5 (d20) D&D to my player group then please let me know and I will alter or remove. The graphics and artwork depicted in this site are copies from different muds. In no way does the site claim them as its own, nor will it dispute their true ownership. We will gladly remove them or acknowledge their ownership should the owners step forth.

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Kingdoms of Kalamar