'The Root of All Evil'

Some Background

A little over a hundred years ago “The Star That Fell” from the sky or so the legend goes. It fell this time of year, on the quiet night with just the slightest chill of winter in the air. The ones who saw it said it flashed blue and white and screamed as it fell. Many felt it was a sign of the gods.

Most believed The Star That Fell had destroyed itself when it struck the earth. Still, many foolhardy souls sought the star. None succeeded and few returned. Eventually, the people forgot the Falling Star of Heaven.

Many years later, a great sage proved that stars are made of mithral, a magical metal that takes enchantment much more readily than normal steel and is stronger than that metal as well. All sages agree that the site of a fallen star is often a good place to find mithral. When the locals heard of these findings and remembered the legend of The Star That Fell, They once again searched the hills and mountains for the star.

But all have met with failure. Until Now.

For more on the story of “Root of All Evil” check out “Storyboard”. The adventure is current, and the Root of all Evil storyboard is played by Enam’Egan , Solana Elith, and Stiruck A-Horn.

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'The Root of All Evil'

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